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Camellia Management Services was conceptualized and has been very solicitously developed as the organization with unmitigated focus on Executive Search. In the short span of time, we have established ourselves as the fast emerging Executive Search Facilitators for the clients.

Our search strength revolves around the leadership roles and positions. Camellia has a firm belief that the leadership talent appropriate to the Client’s vision and business strategy is essential. Hence, we focus our search process on mapping and identifying the candidate who will add substantial value to the Client’s organization through his / her leadership skills and expertise.

Since we first & foremost understand the industry or sector in which the client operates, we attain a good insight of the talent acquisition needs of our clients. This helps us in effectively working towards attracting the candidates who would professionally and culturally suit the client’s organization. In the search process for tapping the appropriate talent pool, our well qualified Consultants, who are well versed with industry/ sector environment, are assisted by well-trained Resource Team which maintains & persistently refreshes the talent data base. Personal interactions with the candidates carried out periodically also qualitatively update the data base, in terms of capturing the candidates’ newly acquired professional skill sets & accomplishments. The Consultants as well as Resource Team Members maintain a wide network of contacts & references in the given industry or sector.

Camellia believe that every Candidate has a significant role to play for our clients, our interface with him/ her involves our offering him/ her all relevant information, precise career opportunity duly supported by the job description as well as the career path in the client’s organization.d the customary “screening” of the Candidate’s CV. We identify the Candidates who will not only meet the current job requirements but will also be competent, open minded and continuous learner to accept the challenging roles as the changing business environment, the burgeoning competition and the business opportunities may demand in future.

Camellia ensures that only the candidates meeting the job description approved by the Client are recommended to the Client for further process of personal discussions/ interviewing. Camellia renders full support to the Client as well as the Candidate till the stage of final selection of a candidate and subsequent deliberations of the offer to and the acceptance thereof by the candidate. The interface, by Camellia, with the Candidate selected continues not only till he/ she joins the Client’s organization but also till such time he/ she integrates into the organization.

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